StarInk company Limited is a marketing company that offers design, branding, advertising and marketing solutions. Our main objective is creating a brand that the world can recognize and that will leave a mark in the mind of the consumer. We are here to change the way people look at design by creating not only cutting edge brands but also market the brand. StarInk is a next generation, new media organization dedicated to becoming a leader in Commerce, Publications, and Merchandising arenas in the pre-convergence era. StarInk will ultimately create a vast network of interrelated advertising and commerce/marketing properties in each of the aforementioned industries, which will rapidly produce a plethora of cross marketing channels which will spur the growth of the rest of the Company’s conceived holdings, positioning the company as a 21st century multi-industry, post-convergence powerhouse.


To offer novel and effective integrated brand marketing, advertising solutions which assist our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals as well as fulfil the requirements of our customers by doing the work right according to their needs and requirements.


We aspire to create business experiences in the marketing field, which are intriguing and very much attractive to our clients; Delivering results-oriented brand marketing programs and advertising campaigns that enhance our clients’ responsiveness, improve their sales and foster their growth.